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Entri yang Diunggulkan

YUDA PRA - PROFILE       Yuda Pra was born in an area in Central Java on July 6, 1976, inherited the blood of his mother's art who had joined the keroncong music group at that time. Learned to play guitar since the 2nd grade of middle school. His love for art is very strong, a graduate of the University of Semarang's Engineering Faculty, his music education at Yamaha Musik Indonesia (Classical Guitar), his career dedicated to the world of education and entertainment. Become a teaching staff in music education institutions for guitar instruments and private classes. His guitar playing style is influenced by teachers, friends, and some famous guitarists such as, Francisco Tarega, Lee Ritenour, Jhon Petrucci, Mus Mujiono, Tohpati, Jubing Kristianto, Edy Batak, Kinwie Zhang, Handana Wikarta. TEACHING EXPERIENCE : Pengajar Seni Musik Untuk Gitar Klasik, Stamford International School Semarang (2008) Pengajar Gitar Klasik di beberapa sekolah Musik di  Semarang   (2009)